The Story of Qwerty

Qwerty was always here, even before Qwerty knew it. The music was always there between these 4 friends. It just took a spark to get the fire going. That spark was created when young Mackanova (aka Richard), young Protus (aka Luke), and young Dan (aka Dan) thought up the idea to create a "Prom Song". They saw how successful "Graduation" by Vitamin C was, so they thought if they created a song for Prom, they would become very rich and the song would be played at every Prom. So, they started working on their soon-to-be hit song. In need of somebody with instrumental skills, they called up Kermit W. (aka Greg) and he rushed over with his bass guitar. He started playing some stuff, and Mackanova started doing some rapping, and Protus broke off a funky beat, and Dan wasn't there. Before they knew it, they were making beautiful music. This impromptu performance in Protus' bedroom created the song "Mummy", which didn't make it to their final album. The guys started making more songs, and decided to scrap the idea of their Prom song. Instead, they worked on more original songs like "Micro Machina". "Micro Machina" was their first hit song, and with the release of their album "Lack of Skill", there were more hit songs like "Jewish Chick", "Take A Seat", "Lonely Cat Boy", "We All Like Clapping", and many more.

Their first album had good success in the local music scene, which suprised a lot of people. The public loved Qwerty's undescribable and unique sound. After the first album was released, the band briefly tried to start work on a second album but decided it would be better to take a break from music instead. They spent the spring, summer, and fall of 2001 doing other stuff but would sometimes take time to work on a song or two for the upcoming album. However, they were mainly doing things other than working on the album. But, in this upcoming holiday season, the band has made agreements to start working up again on that second album. This is just the begining of the soon to be infamous story of the band that is Qwerty.