History of candycigarette

The band members were hanging out in Protus' room. Mackanova was playing some Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on the Dreamcast. Kermit was watching him. And, Protus was sitting down typing on the computer. He just finished eating a pack of candy cigarettes and realized how much he missed them and how badly he wanted another one. So, he decided to write a song dedicated to the great candy cigarettes that he cherishes so much. He wrote the lyrics, and then sang the song to Kermit W., in the way he envisioned it. But, Kermit did not agree and sang it back to Protus in a way that he thought it should be. Protus decided to let Kermit sing it instead, because he thought he could do a much better job. So, Kermit sat down and looked over the words, and fixed a few sentences he did not like as Protus picked up the bass and came up with a simple bass line. Then, Kermit asked Mackanova if he could help out by singing a few lines in the background. Then, Mackanova started doing a little something on the keyboard and the guys recorded the song immediately and the rest is history.