History of Lonely Cat Boy

The band was in a funk, and it seemed like the recording session that night was over with. So the guys were just sitting back and relaxing. Kermit was humming a little song to himself as everyone else was chatting away. He started compiling the lyrics in his head. And, everyone else talked away. Then, when it was time for everyone to go home, Kermit stayed for a little longer. He sang what he came up with to Protus, and Protus recorded it. They decided that they would save this recording and come up with the rest of the song later. At this time, the second verse wasn't even made. But, after Kermit went home, Protus started listening to the vocals that Kermit recorded and started working very hard on a guitar part to go along with it. In the meantime, Kermit worked on the other words to the song. A week later, the band got together, and the guys shared what they had. The first concern was this song that Kermit was singing before. They fiddled around with a beat, and showed Mackanova the song. Mack quickly learned the "Do do" part and Kermit taught the guys the singing part he envisioned at the end of the song, and then the guys fiddled around some more and then finally went and recorded the song. And, that is the song you hear today.