History of Micro Machina

This song was the first attempt at a song with a chorus by Qwerty. Kermit W. threw out the idea of a chorus and in inspiration for the chorus he looked at an inflatable bottle on Protus' wall. It was an inflatable Tequiza bottle. It had the words "Bona Extra" written under Tequiza, and on the wall next to this bottle was a box of Micro Machines. Thus, when asked for a chorus, he blurted out the now infamous "Tequiza/Bona Extra/Micro Machina", then Protus quickly came up with a beat and Kermit W. already had the bass line ready. The rest was up to Mackanova. And, using his unparalleled freestyle skills, he came up with the rhymes you hear on the song. They didn't even prepare for the song, they just let it flow, and the rest is history, my friends.