Qwerty represents an incoming revolution in music. They represent the beginning and end of pop music as it is now known. The members of the band (Protus, Mackanova, Kermit W. and Dan) all come from New Jersey where many popular musicians have been bred throughout it's history, such as Bruce Springstein and Jon Bon Jovi. These guys try not to take themself seriously and just have a good time and it shines through in their music and rubs off on the listeners. On their first album (released in early 2001) they mocked their lack of skill and talent at the time by titling their album "Lack of Skill". It's release created a small ripple in the ocean of water that represents the music scene. With their upcoming untitled album, they hope to create a tidal wave in that ocean. The tidal wave is coming, you better get your surfboard and your floaties or prepare to get wet.


Latest Rumor:

09/23/02- Much to the suprise of Qwerty fans, Qwerty has released a new song which is titled "Robot Who Eats Brains". This is one of those sincere ballads about a robot who eats brains as the title would suggest. As of this current date, it isn't available on MP3.com yet but it should be up there within a week or so. Chug it out.