In The House

Lead Vocals: Protus feat. Mackanova
Beat Master: Protus
Bass: Kermit
Written by: Protus/Mackanova

Bombs all over the place
There's blood on your face
I can't win this race
Your mom's a disgrace
Kermit's on the bass
I can't keep this pace
Missing shoelace


But, Qwerty's in the house
Qwerty's in the house
Qwerty's in the house
With Mackanova

And, I'm Protus
But, you should know this
I have to take a piss
But, if I did I would miss
the toilet bowl, so you can kiss
my behind, but now I diss


Take it Mackanova

It has been my experience
I can wear you out like a shirt on clearance
As he said, Mackanova's my name
Don't know where it came from but it's all the same
Everybody's messed up, but who's to blame?
It's all part of the Qwerty game
Word, sentence, paragraph phrase
Lost them all somewhere in the maze
They say it's just a phase
But, I say it's really a gaze
I see blood on another hat
Sometimes, I'm really now
I just can't stop
Keep it up and you I will drop
You be wishing now that I was a cop
Playing a banjo like Ziggy Pop
I'm done Protus, you take it

I remember the snow
And, what you know
Maybe I should go
Because I hurt my toe
Black Rob is like whoa
Like Edgar Allen Poe
Am I friend or foe?
Tell Joe I said Yo
And, tell big John Doe
And Maybe even Moe
On second thought, no
I need to grow



That was Kermit

Yeah, and we've got wit
And, we show it
Take you down bit by bit
We're not like that band Lit
Or even Brad Pitt
We don't stand we sit
And I even wear mit
tens, that's right, please don't hit
me, you dumb stupid Brit
I need a new kit
About to throw a fit
I really can't knit
I should really quit


We out