Jewish Chick

Vocals: Protus
Bass: Kermit W.
Written by: Protus

My girl just dumped me
But, I got a new one
Fight with my jealousy
Or go out and have fun?
I got my new girl
But, she's just a rebound
It means the world
What have we found
I miss her face
But, this new girl loves me
I'm such a disgrace
But, she was so lovely


The love we shared was fatal
She was Jewish, loved her dreidle
Her dad was a big bad rabbi
He always gave me an awkward eye

I'm using this chick
I know it's not right
Some call me sick
Some say I'm not bright
But, all I know is I'm not alone
She treats me nice
And, we talk on the phone
But, she owns two mice
And, I want my old woman
She was so great
She would let come in
But, she was only 8