Later at the Movies

Vocals: Protus
Bass: Kermit W.
Keyboard: Mackanova
Beat Master: Protus
Written by: Protus

Little pot black in a kettle word
The worm early gets the something bird
Able can't wait for a juicy too
Cat on a sitting if it doesn't mew
Ranger on the field doesn't eat meat
Understand you can't got a beat
Life without the wife joo joo bean
Stuff's been saw stuff's been seen
Teddy said Goodbye when I said Hello
This way is not supposed to go
More one time is took it all
The sap on hat the not a ball
See my dog meow meow roof
A dragon magic not puff puff poof


Well baby, I'll see you later at the movies
We will like it there
The time we have will be groovies
My hat will cover my hair
Hopefully, we'll be happy
And, we'll have a good time
Well, I'll see you later at the movies
And, we will like it there

Jump trampoline not a time
Clean Mister rids gets dirt and grime
Superman air in the bird plane
Metal heavy music me drives insane
Sipple sapple could eat not true
7 times 7 plus 20 minus two
Eclipse in the sun not a solar
Tooth in front back red black molar
You in Yeti with big the confetti
Set, mark, go and we are ready
Dance skill cannot matched be
Do what I, and I what see
We laughing iggy with marking book
The piece of king chess be rook
Happy sad go happy go happy go
Father no ask he cause say no


Way no, don't there go me
Ponch to the west it not be
Hamlet rings book on lawn
Deer dingo cat and the fawn
Tyler in trunk the juice of apple
Eat breakfast all the my scrapple
Underneath pot eagle fire scout
Pig no has giant outer snout
Tootle tootle wee drop red key
Investigate operation plan B
Varoom to the goober french pogo
Person make mad be is fed logo
Trash man, right candle up shut it
Noodle to the west uh it throw fit
Nod, forward back guitar bye snack
Record Andy say not music whak