Lonely Cat Boy

Lead Vocals: Kermit W.
Guitar: Protus
Beat Master: Mackanova
Written by: Kermit W.

I went to my friends house
around quarter to nine
just waiting for something
worth spending my time

My friends are all cool
I mean I like them just fine
But life's passing me by
Nothing happenin tonight

So I went down the stairs
And I watched some tv
There's cartoons and monkeys
Same crap that I love to see

I have no idea
where my life will take me
So I got up from my chair
And I peed on the cat


There's something going on
much better than what's happening here
I can tell this is wrong
Just stupid angsty fears

But I can't shake this feeling
Other's are getting much more from their life
Needed to do something different
So I peed on cat


Peed on the cat (x9)