Micro Machina

Lead Vocals: Mackanova
Chorus Vocals: Kermit W.
Beat Master: Protus
Kermit's Entertainment: Dan
Bass: Kermit W.

Hey, I was up in that piece
Didnt know why but i saw my niece
Why was she here
Why was i there
Never understood
Just what is fair

Got no lyrics
Got no rhymes
Misplaced them all
Somewhere in time

Get down on your kneesa
And hit me with the tequiza


Bona extra
Micro Machina

Now i wanna say
Am i gonna pay
For my share
Cause thats so fair
Red and green
Green and red
Those are colors
And thats what i said
I like eating food
I like being rude
And my attitude
You dont like it, dude?
Thats too bad for you
It's what i always do