Much to the suprise of Qwerty fans, Qwerty has released a new song which is titled "Robot Who Eats Brains". This is one of those sincere ballads about a robot who eats brains as the title would suggest. As of this current date, it isn't available on yet but it should be up there within a week or so. Chug it out.


Production on Qwerty's follow-up album to the critically acclaimed "Lack of Skill" was soon halted nearly a year ago after Lack of Skill's release. Since then, due to disputes over financial issues within the band and each member pursuing side projects in different parts of the country, the band has only had one or two recording sessions.
Dan of Qwerty was the most vocal about the lack of effort on the band's part and even sarcastically suggested that be the title of their second album be called "Lack of Effort". Mackanova, enraged by Dan's comments, said that maybe Dan should make a better album to which Dan replied "Okay"
After this falling out occured, both Mackanova and Dan were asked to comment and both denied the situation had ever happened. However, Mackanova has been rumored to have recorded somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 songs since the apparent falling out while touring Pennsylvania and also while back in Woodbury, NJ. Dan, on the other hand, recorded the songs "Dan's the Man" and "Dan Makes The Jam" both of which were number one hits in Germany, but have yet to be released in the U.S.
Many fear Qwerty is dead, but I ask you, the Qwerty fan, to just be patient because the best is yet to come.....


The band still had no comment on the rumors of an upcoming change in the band's format. The rumors say that the band members will be shuffling around their role by moving Kermit to drums, Protus to guitar, Mackanova to bass guitar, and Dan to other percusional instruments.
Qwerty's hit song "Vomit" debuted at number 808 on the Experimental/Post Rock charts on Thursday and "candy cigarette" debuted at number 491 on the Indie charts (this is the charts). Then, something strange happened. When the charts came out on Friday, it was hard to find those two songs. But, that was because that moved up so much that it was just shocking. "Vomit" jumped from 808 to number 45 in one day! It was higher than the Flaming Lips hit song "She Don't Use Jelly"! The song moved up nearly 750 spots in one day. And, "candy cigarette" moved from 491 to 83. It's amazing. It only took one day for Qwerty's presense to be felt on


The band has announced that there are songs already completed for their second album. They are trying to keep it quiet though. They are using new recording tools and all sorts of new instruments and equipment for a cleaner and more professional sounding second album.


Qwerty and agreed on a contract for the rights to the songs off of Qwerty's first album "Lack of Skill". The mp3s are being put up on the site for free so get over there and download them, there is no need to buy the album anymore, you can just get the songs for free, kids! Go and download, and tell your friends! It's free! What more do you want? (


It has been reported that copies of an album called "The Early Daze" have surfaced recently. When asked for a comment, Protus said "Well, that album was an little thing we did before 'Lack of Skill' came out, it has just about everything 'Lack of Skill' has on it with the exception of a few songs, plus there is some stuff on it that isn't on 'Lack of Skill'. I believe there were only one or two copies of it, and they were given out as Christmas presents from the band."


The popularity of the band's album "Lack of Skill" continues to grow as their record sales reach 15 copies today. Some say it's Kermit's new haircut, some say it's the band's talent, but whatever it is, it's working.


The king of the bass guitar has cut his hair. Here are some before and after shots.




Nobody predicted the popularity of Qwerty's new album "Lack of Skill". Nobody knew it would sell so well. After the first day, some doubted that even one copy would be sold. But, the second day after it's release, copies of the album were more popular than Tickle Me Elmo dolls. And, now, it is very possible that they might reach the 10 copy mark by this upcoming Tuesday. Go Qwerty!