Our Love Song

Vocals: Mackanova
Bass: Protus
Keyboard: Kermit W.
Beat Master: Kermit W.
Written by: Mackanova

I shot your friend
Now he is dead
I laugh at him
I cut off his head
Now you will cry
But I am so high
High in the air
The world is not fair
You'd better live with it
Or die for it
Either way, I don't care
Cause I
I am a ghost
And I
I am the most
You'll ever be
Be, or see,
Of me

Who says you are right
For winning the fight
I say you're wrong
You took too long
In the bathroom

Now he is gone
Bye bye, say so long
There's poo on the lawn

I threw
You out the window
Of the bathroom
It is not noon
That doesn't rhyme
Well, that is fine
And so divine

I don't need one
Cause now I'm done