Random Rhymes

Lead Vocals: Mackanova
Other Vocals: Protus
Beat Master: Mackanova
Keyboard: Protus
Bass: Kermit W.
Written by: Mackanova

Well, I'll be illin' it
And chillin' it
While A-Man's a fillin' it
Now don't end up killin' it
Then go out and billin' it
And I'll be stillin' it
Right back with the Mack
Sack track on the back of Iraq
Get 'em down smokin' crack
My homies, my brothas
And all of ya mothers
People leave, people go
Willow tree, garden hoe
Fingernails and a comb
Who does say "I am home"
Trees and shrubs, shrubs and trees
Ceiling fan, no one sees
Open mouth, shadow calls
Doesn't rhyme, pass the time
Smell the rhyme,
Mistletoe cigarette
Who does leave, hair beret
Toes on feet, hair on head
Hand on fingers, then she said
Nova's done
Have some fun
Watch him whoa us
Take it Protus

Well, I got a lighter from Dan
He's the man
And, he's sand
And, I'm out
You know that
So, eat my cat