Take a Seat

Vocals: Mackanova
Back-up vocals: Protus
Bass: Kermit W.
Beat Master: Mackanova
Written by: Mackanova

My lyrics
Like a flower without petals
The tea's in the kettle
It's never settled
Between the Q and Nelly
Not only is he smelly
He raps like Augelli
You don't have to tell me
He's dumber than Fonzerelli
You say you got a switch-blade?
It won't get your life saved
When Mack gets his sword made
You biscuit
You say you got a triscit?
Now you're gonna miss it
Cause I'm taking that gun shit
Back, back
From the place it was heard
No, not by a nerd, bird, curb, herd, or verb


Thats why your lawn got mowed
Thats why your video never showed
Thats why every time you play
You get paid to stay away
Cause your song is beat
So take a seat

Yes I'm Mackanova
And I'll show ya
The beats ya missed
And the suckas ya dissed
Cant see ya with this mist
How is it that I'm wrong?
For writing a song
About people I don't like
When I get on the mic
I just spit it and say
What I think is right
Dont like it? Let's fight
Ima take you down
And swing ya around
And pound ya on the ground
Til you dont make a sound
And you wont be found
Just kidding dawg, why you gettin ill?
Take your pep pills
Calm down and just chill


Mackanova's in the house
Double click with your mouse
I'll make you go wow-se
Mackanova's in the house

Kermit W.
And Mackanova