Three Word Chunks

Vocals: Kermit W. & Mackanova & Protus
Bass: Kermit W.

Paint a rat
Sniff a cat

Ride a boat
Eat a goat

100 Grand

Guard an egg
Red Dwarf smeg

Sing a song
Make it long

Grey-haired Moose
Burning noose

Get a clue
Geese don't moo

Rock and roll
Drown my soul

Cat and Bone
Super phone

Bite my tooth
John Wilkes Booth

In the street
Feel the heat

Burn CD
Out of Pee

Turnip sand

William Nye
Science guy

Letter sent

Ceaser's ghost
Skip the Post

Feel the pain
Eat some grain

Booger dog
Burning log

We're not done
Having fun

Threw a loop
Eat some poop

Ludwig rocks
In tube socks

Great Salt Lake
Grape Mistake

Eat some bread
Uncle Ed

Go cut class
Kill the grass

Charlie Sheen
The Philippines

Lie awake
Make mistake

Gregory Peck
Green-skin Shrek

Don't be sky
Eye of Eye

Laugh all day
What'd you say

No holds grief
Wallet thief

Honest goon
Tired spoon

Get a stool
Swimming pool

Run off course
Skin my horse

Ride the grass
Taco gas

Concrete floor
Little whore

Cross country
Dead TV