Lead Vocals: Protus
Chorus vocals: Kermit W.
Back-up vocals: Mackanova
Bass: Kermit W.
Beat Master: Mackanova
Written by: Protus

Leaving my buddy in the dust
I smoked him like burnt bread crust
You don't know what to do
So, sit back and tie your shoe
I think it's funny, you are so slow
Where is my honey? I got to go!
You cannot race me
Don't even face me
Turn the other cheek
Because, dude, you reek
My rhymes are cold, they make you freeze
Pull over the car, and toss the keys
The bass is rocking
Electro shocking
You go to sleep when you are tired
If I was yo boss, you'd be fired
Plug in the computer, and I'll beat you
You need a tutor that will teach you
So, back up back up back up to the curb
You need some action like you were a verb
You are jealous because you aren't fast
If you race me, I will run past
You, that's right, I am like lightning
You can't stop me when I'm fighting
Don't try because you can't ignore us
Guess what? It's time for a chorus


This party's started
Aw, Doyle farted
Vomit vomit vomit vomit! WHOA!
Vomit vomit vomit vomit! WHOA!
Vomit vomit vomit vomit! WHOA!

Alright, back again; enough with chorus
Like I said, you can't ignore us
So take a seat and put on your shirty
Because there's no way you can stop Qwerty
We got more songs than you got toes
You got no women, we got the hoes
Actually, we don't, we are big losers
We haven't even seen that flik Hoosiers
But, it makes no diff, we're making music
You are dancing so much, it makes you sick
We got the lyrics we got the beat
C'mon everybody, just take a seat
While you are at it, get a machina
Listen to Kermit sing of Tequiza
Our music is whak, and you know it
It's so good, you'll throw a hissy fit
Yeah, you're prolly bored, so I'll throw in a chorus
It packs more bite than a Tyranasorus


It is time for you to shut up
Either that, or pee in a cup
I don't know, maybe I'm crazy
Your insults sure do not faze me
I am the dreamer of the dreams
I'll rip you apart at the seams
I am rockin and rollin in the new world
I'm making up all this stuff like baklablord
Anywho, you are slow, that we know
Why don't you pack and just go?
Leave the room, the house, and leave the town
You're good for one day like a wedding gown
You are an embarassment to your name
And, another thing kid, you got no game
Bite me, fight me, really I just don't care
You aren't a boxer, you are underwear
I don't smoke, but I'm on fire
And, trust me, I'm not a liar
So, finally, don't miss the bus
Let's break into the chorus