Welcome to the Disaster

Vocals: Mackanova/Protus with Kermit W.
Beat Master: Mackanova
Written by: Protus

We'll take you down, like a tag team

Welcome to the disaster
We'll make your heart beat faster
Spitting out our rhymes
Sucking on the limes
Scaring all children at first sight
Poisoning young minds with the rhymes we write
Totally sarcastic when we talk
Crushing individuals when we walk
You didn't know when we caught fire
I'd plead the 5th if I were a liar
We ain't going flat like a Goodyear tire
Behind your back is where we conspire
Like a balloon, we can take you higher
We plug you in like you were a wire
Don't offer me pot, because I don't smoke
However, I do and I love to toke