Ya-Ya Ya-Ya (Soul Song)

Lead Vocals: Protus & Mackanova
Chorus Vocals: Kermit W.
Other Vocals: Dan
Beat Master: Mackanova
Bass: Kermit W.
Written by: Protus & Mackanova

Dan: Nice day for a walk...la la la...I'm walking and walking-Ah! I'm falling! Argh!
Protus: Well, it seems we have another soul to deal with.
Mackanova: Yes.
Protus: It seems quite obvious this boy is coming with me considering the life he led.
Mackanova: No.
Protus: Yes, he's coming to heaven with me, demon.
Mackanova: Argh.
Protus: What are you going to take him to Hell?
Mackanova: Yes, Hell it is.

Don't take this boy, he's coming with me
He lived his life most decently
He saved a girl scout when he was seven
For that he deserves to go to Heaven
There's no way he can go to Hell
He lived his life all too well
I don't know how you could use him
All you would do is abuse him
I'm thinking about making him a saint
Word of that will make him faint


Dan died ya-ya ya-ya (x5)

Well I am the devil and he is mine to keep
Staying on my level is where this man shall sleep
You say he belongs in heaven well this is just untrue
At quarter past eleven is when I come accrue
I decide where he goes and I suppose you think that blows
But you have no reason to oppose cause I'd hit you on the nose
Say goodbye to the world Dan cause this is your farewell
Put down your soda can you're coming with me to hell


Protus: Oh wait, I don't think he's dead.
Kermit: Yeah, he's breathing.
Mackanova: Dammit.
Protus: I guess we'll settle this again later when he really does die
Mackanova: I hate you, Dan
Dan: Huh?
Mackanova: Shut up!